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Having completed a degree in design from Arizona State, my next logical step was learning to work in metal and in the 3rd dimension. My design background is the strongest influence in my fine art. The style and aesthetic of my sculpture is derived from my visual training. I feel my viewers are engaged by the simplicity and technical aspects of my sculpture. After yearrs of creating sculpture in various materials, I have found that steel and stainless provide unique visuals for my creative direction. The contrast in texture and color accentuate the balance I strive for.

In many of my sculptural series, I find that large does not always fill the aesthetic requirements. Many of my pedestal pieces create their own visual spaces. The dynamic is viewed from many angles.

I find a unique function in the materials I choose. They create their own natural color schemes, through refraction, and through reflected objects and light. The visual substance is found in the surroundings of each piece and how the 2 meld to become an experience.

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